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"She's a Crazy Turtle Lady!"

Mon, 12/05/2011 - 8:27PM by BeautyJunkie00 0 Comments -

Hey Dolls!! Well...I am obsessed with What Not To Wear. I love the concept of the show as well as the hosts, Stacey London and Clinton Kelly! If you missed lasts week episode,you missed out on a pretty hilarious episode. Last week, Stacey and Clinton had alot of work to do. Rebecca was a lady who was obsessed with Turtles. She was so obsessed,that she wore them on her clothes! If thats not bad enough already, they all managed to be way to frumpy. She spent some time in New York City,and with Stacey and Clinton's constructive criiticism was able to turn around her turtle fetish to a fun and fashionable wardrobe :) She truly looked a million times better! She can still keep her love for Tutrtles, however.its not the best idea to wear them on your clothes. (Let that be a lesson to all of you Turtle Lovers!!) "She's a crazy turtle lady!!" -Clinton Kelly

Here are photos of Rebecca, before and after! Let me know how you think her Makeover turned out!!

Tune in to TLC Teusday's @ 9/8C :)








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